Here are the complete details on how and where to appeal a $750 relief check rejection in the U.S.

Nearly, One million US residents have applied for a $750 bonus, but it seems like many of them are rejected.

Minnesota authorities have expected that 660,000 individuals will apply for the checks.

But, Over a million people seek for the frontline workers bonus.

With a $500 million allocation, officials have told the payment may be slashed if more people are applied.

Qualified applicants could now receive a check closer to $500.

Many applications have been refused during the application process.

However, the good news is that Rejection appeals are possible.

Frontline workers were rewarded for their commitment during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Workers in healthcare, teaching, and cleaning were eligible.

They must need 120 working hours between March 15, 2020 and June 26, 2021.

In addition, candidates cannot have earned unemployment benefits for longer than twenty weeks.

The Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry says aspirants should know their payment status by 16th of August.

All appeals must be submitted within 15 days of refusal.

Non-tax filers who missed these payments can file taxes to get the rebate instead of a relief check.

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