State's new budget agreement includes a $17 billion inflation relief package that includes direct payments of up to $1,050 per household.

Inflation relief money is set to be distributed to 23 million taxpayers this fall.

By doing so, Americans will be able to ease the financial burden caused by the highest inflation in 40 years. 

A portion of the inflation relief package will also suspend the state sales tax on diesel fuel to ease pain at the pump.

That will assist residents in paying their rent and utility bills. 

This is what you need to know about California's inflation relief program.

How much  are the inflation relief payments?

There will be relief payments ranging between $200 and $1,050.

The amount will depend on the person's income, their filing status, and the number of dependents they claim .

In a similar manner to how stimulus checks were sorted earlier in the pandemic situation.

Who is ELIGIBLE FOR THE inflation relief checks?

According to The Mercury News, payments are structured into three tiers. 

There are 14.2 million taxpayers in Tier 1 who make up to $75,000 as individuals or $150,000 as couples.

For each individual, $350 is given, plus an additional $350 if the individual has a dependent.  

Couples in this income bracket with dependents would receive $1,050. 

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