Thousand of Americans may get extra Cash to Fight Against the Rising Costs.

Governor Tom Wolf wants to send low-income households $2,000 relief cheques.

Initially, in February, Governor Wolf came up with the idea for the $1.7 billion PA.

Republicans opposed financing the idea, saying it would even raise the inflation.

The current rate of inflation, 9.1%, is the highest since forty years.

After visiting the state, the governor talked with several Americans...

...who believed the money would assist their households. 

So, he is now restoring the plan again.

Who is eligible for this relief payment?

If authorized, the scheme will distribute $2,000 direct payments to low-income Pennsylvania families.

The program can help at least 250,000 low-income families in Pennsylvania.

How much will it cost to do execute the program?

The PA Opportunity Program was originally intended to cost $500 million.

The strategy is part of a $1.7 billion proposal is also aims to help small to businesses recover from the Covid-19 outbreak.

Additionally, funds will also be allocated to help Pennsylvania's healthcare system.

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