Last date for  Thousands of Americans will receive $450 in August. Do you  owe that money?

Nearly, 60,000 households will get a free paycheck TOMORROW.

In Florida, qualifying households can get a one time rebate of $450 per kid by August 7.

In accordance with Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF), checks should have received by Sunday, July 25.

The free cash is included in Ron DeSantis' July proposed budget.

Who qualifies for the payments?

The payment is meant to help households largely affected by inflation.

They must be able to qualify if they falls under one of these:

Relative caregivers Non-relative caregivers Foster parents TANF-aided families Guardianship participants

At least 59,000 Floridian households are expected to benefit.

Checks were mailed directly to eligible families without application.

The money can be spent on "everything from diapers to gas at the pump."

Foster and blended parents can contact just one to interact with Care Navigators for urgent and future uses.

If someone has trouble depositing or cashing a check, they should call DCF's payment vendor at 833-681-3438.

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