South Carolina residents will get one more rebate after $3.4 million in unclaimed checks.

South Carolina citizens are due for some happy news, as the government has stated that thousands of residents...

...will receive a tax refund as a result of 3.4 million dollars in unclaimed checks in 2019. 

While the exact number will not be determined until October, thousands of South Carolinians will receive a one-time financial...

...injection this year after legislators promised to return a total of $1 billion to residents. 

Ashley Thomas, a Department of Revenue spokesman, told The State that she hopes this would encourage individuals... select wire deposit in the future because it's a fast and secure way to receive the refund. 

What IS the rebate AMOUNT?

The amount of each person's rebate may vary, but it will be equivalent to a taxpayer's 2021 income tax liability of $700 dollars.

The value could increase to $800 if sufficient funds are available by October 17th.

"The refund amount and cap per rebate are determined by the total returns submitted.

How can the state pay it?

Nearly 68,000 rebate checks worth $50 went uncashed in 2019, resulting in $3.4 million dollars in loss.

28,000 undeliverable checks were returned and went to  the state's unclaimed property programme.

To avoid previous problems, taxpayers may get rebates by direct deposit if the agency has such information.

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