Although it may not appear so at first glance, President Joe Biden is still sending money during difficult times.

The $1.9 trillion stimulus law passed by Democrats in March 2021 without Republican votes... laying the groundwork for yet another state-level relief payments.

This year, at least 18 states, including Florida and California, have chosen this path... Congress remains divided on how to cope with the worst prices in 40 years. 

The law allocated $350 billion to help states and localities in order to avoid layoffs or significant cuts to public services.

However, there are few conditions to the money to ensure flexibility.

...and it essentially adds up to a blank check for states and localities. 

those fears of loss of jobs and spending plan devastation were never realized.

,States managed to spend less than predicted.

Furthermore, according to a summertime report from the NASB Officers...

...a number of states collected much more revenue than expected. 

According to Ben Gitis, associate director of the Bipartisan Policy Center's economic plan...

States are "having a lot of additional funds" as a result of surpluses.

A lot of states are spending soaring budgets on a new round of checks to assist low and middle-income families.

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