Some states have been allowed to issue emergency allotments, so you may be able to apply for August payments.

As a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic crisis, some communities and families are still experiencing severe health problems.

The extension was confirmed in July 2022.

Read further for more details to know the situation and important dates to apply.

In California, the CalFresh program, also known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

What is CalFresh?

The main aim is to distribute electronic benefits that can be used to buy mostly foods at markets and food stores. 

In modern terms, these can be known as food stamps. 

– Those who have low income – Those who meet federal eligibility requirement – Those who meet the federal eligibility requirement familie

Who is eligible for CalFresh?

You can also Check USDA federal norms on eligibility to find out if you are eligible for this benefit.

It depends on the place where you live. However, most people will receive it on their EBT cards by mid-August.

When will I get my August payment?

State governments issue the Emergency Allotment. In California, the next month's payment is usually issued in the middle of the month. 

COVID has allowed some states to issue some special payments, known as Emergency Allotments. 

What is the Emergency Allotment?

Anyone who has an EBT card will be sent with a minimum payment of 95 dollars as the Emergency Allotment. Depending on household circumstances, this could be higher. 

How much is the Emergency Allotment?

This extra payment will be made just like your regular CalFresh payment, and there will be no additional paperwork required.

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