Update on Child Tax Credit 2022: Deadline approaching to claim direct payments of up to $750 - are you eligible?

A child tax credit payment of $750 is available to thousands of Americans in Connecticut.

Taxpayers in Connecticut have until July 31 to claim their cash.

Child tax rebates were included in the budget bill signed by Governor Ned Lamont in June.

A nearly $4 billion surplus in the state's budget was given back to the taxpayers. 

Up to three children can qualify for the $250 per child tax credit - worth up to $750 per family.

The payments are expected to go out in late August 

In accordance with the plan, the payments will be issued before September 30 if the bill passes in both chambers by July 31. 

An estimated 6.2 million Illinois taxpayers will benefit from Illinois' Family Relief plan, which includes multiple temporary tax cuts and rebates. 

Families earning less than $400,000 will receive $100, and filers will receive $100 for each child under 18 in their household.

Half a  million to get at  least $750

Minnesota officials estimate that 667,000 special checks will be issued, but applications must be submitted by July 22.

Minnesota lawmakers approved a $500 million package rewarding Minnesotans who worked during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The payments are available to health care workers, teachers, and janitors. 

A total of $750 is expected to be paid out to each applicant, but it could rise to $1,500 if there are less applicants.

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