Are you eligible for direct payments up to $750 through the Child Tax Credit 2022? Check the updates for more details.

A child tax credit payment of $750 is available to thousands of Americans in Connecticut.

Connecticut taxpayers are eligible to claim funds until July 31.

Child tax rebates were included in the budget bill signed by Governor Ned Lamont in June.

As a result of a nearly $4 billion budget surplus, the state decided to return some of that money to taxpayers.

For every family,Up to three children can qualify for the $250 per child tax credit - worth up to $750 per family. 

According to Lamont, payments will be made in late August. 

According to the plan, payments will be made ahead of September 30 if the bill passes both the House and Senate by July 31. 

California’s  child tax credit

The residents in Californian with low income will be eligible for California earned income tax credit (CalEITC). 

Young children may also qualify for the young child tax credit whose age is under six. 

For families earning less than $25,000, the credit is up to $1,000, while those earning more than $30,000 receive a reduced credit.

10  states offering additional child tax payment

California Colorado Massachusetts Idaho Maine Maryland New Mexico New York Oklahoma Vermont

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