A key number might help you to improve your Social Security retirement income.

But, Its Not what you think.

Many realize you can start Social Security at age 62. 

If you've done any financial preparation for retiring, you likely know that getting benefits at 70 will maximize your monthly payout. 

If you need the cash, waiting may not even be worth it.

If claiming the benefits will avoid you from tapping into the real assets like the shares etc...

You should start claiming them as soon as hit the age 62.

Because the Social Security amount will be the same for life no matter when you claim. 

If you claim early, you'll get it early.

But, if you wait until 70, those 8 years' insterest will be paid off.

However, you must note that you have worked at least 35 years before claming Social Security.

 Social Security determines the average based on your earnings even if you haven't worked 35 years.

If you've worked 20 years, 10 more than the requirement to collect Social Security, the SSA will sum your 20-year salary and divide it by 35. 

The other 15 years will be considered Zero earnings. 

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