Internal agency records obtained by POLITICO show that top Education Department officials have prepared...

...comprehensive plans for student loan forgiveness for millions of Americans.

The documents outline how the government plans to administer and operate a prospective...

...mass debt cancellation scheme, provided the White House approves.

Records suggest Education Department staff are preparing to instantly forgive debt 

...for many millions of debtors for whom the agency possesses income data.

Almost all other students would self-certify their eligibility on

The plan would forgive all federal student loans.

Includes Grad PLUS and private federal loans.

It also indicates that Pell award recipients could receive extra loan forgiveness.

Biden is considering taking executive action to give each student $10,000 in debt forgiveness.

However, the White House discussions have dragged on for days. 

Biden says he'll announce by August's end when the lending restriction ends.

The Education Department papers do not reflect any final conclusions on how the White House may choose to organize a debt relief program.

...including the amount of relief for debtors or any income constraints.  

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