Should we look for yet another financial boost or just give up the hope?

Congress hasn't helped older Americans despite inflation hitting a 41-year high and food and gas prices soaring.

A proposal to offer elders with $1,400 stimulus payout is still circulating.

Social Security and SSI recipients expected that congress will consider a additional stimulus payout.

The Senior Citizens League lobbied for Social Security recipients to get the $1,400 stimulus check.

They wrote to congress about the worst conditions that the elders faced due to rising costs and cost-of-living adjustments.

The proposal was sent after hearing from several seniors and their pathetic experiece.

There are many entities who are demanding a 4th stimulus check other thsan the Senior league.

Over 3 Million people have signed the petition on

It wants Congress to offer $2,000 monthly relief checks for adults and $1,000 for children until the crisis ends.

Is the 4th Stimulus check really coming?

There have been several lawmakers who lobbied for continued payments to be made from the stimulus package.

but, when lawmakers focused on the Build Back Better Act, their hopes were shattered. 

As inflation raged last year, Congress halted social spending.

Since then, Congress has moved on to other issues and isn't discussing stimulus spending. 

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