Everybody wonders if their 2021 Stimulus Payments arrived in time or if they are still owed any checks from that year.

Find out how to check and possibly get a new check worth $1,400.

The American people might not even be aware they are still due another stimulus payment from 2021.  

It is relatively easy to find out. It applies to the latest round of stimulus checks, which can be worth as much as $1,400 in some cases.

Let's take a look at what qualifications you need to meet in order to receive that payment or if it is even owed to you. 

The checks are not for everyone, only a certain segment of the population is eligible for them.

A total of $931 billion was paid out in stimulus payments by the federal government in 2020 and 2021.

In spite of this, 2% of those payments were incorrect. 

It is still possible to claim child tax credits and the third stimulus payment until October 17.

What do you have to do to qualify for the latest round of checks from the Stimulus Program?

The maximum amount of these stimulus payments is only available to Americans whose income is $75,000 or less. 

Over that amount, the $1,400 check will begin to decrease, and families' income is capped at $80,000 for singles and $160,000 for couples.   

As of September 2021, 645,000 Americans have not received their checks. 

Those who fall into this category are probably still owed a stimulus payment. You should get a letter '6475' telling you if you can claim this check. 

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