As per the March report, around 10 million Americans missed the stimulus payments they were eligible for. 

The TIG for Tax Administration has found several interesting reasons why stimulus checks may be delayed.

Most of the households have alreay received their benefits through check or direct deposit.

Others have received in the form of prepaid cards. Some of these cards were mistakenly thrown away.

According to TIGTA, manually checking stimulus claims and debit card policies delayed benefits for 10 million people.

If you have missed these payments, you log on to to claim.

For Tax filers, this is the process to follow to claim your missed money.

You need to provide your full name, current address, and email. Also DOB and a valid Social security number to begin.

Next, you need to provide Bank details, type, and the routing number if any. Also, you need to provide the IP PIN you received from the IRS if you have one.

If you were previously issued but lost your IP PIN, you can recover it by Getting an IP PIN tool to retreive your number.

After that, you need to provide the Drivers license or the state-issued ID.

Next, you need to mention your children's details like their age, SS number, and the relationship with you or your spouce.


Use the Non-Filers selection if you don't regularly file a federal tax return for 2019, 2020, or 2021.

Your income must be $12,200 for single and $24, 400 for couples.

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