Retirement planners often underestimate senior living expenditures in error.

It's natural to imagine that after you retire, you'll start spending less, given your available schedule.

but you learn it later that Retirement costs more than expected.

Not having to work implies fewer expenses, like transportation...

... but also more leisure at home and more hours to occupy. 

This might lead to higher utility and activity costs.

That's why it's crucial to file for Social Security wisely.

Filing too soon might result in a lesser payout that won't cover your costs.

If you don't like your Social Security payout, you may be able to change it.

Once you collect Social Security, you have one chance in your lifetime to reapply and get extra monthly payments.

First, withdraw your rewards application within a year.

 If you've been collecting Social Security for 10 months, don't hesitate.

Do not accept a reward that will leave you broke.

If you retire early and find your SSI is inadequate, you may be able to reverse your application.

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