As the clock ticks on Social Security's funds, which will not be able to pay full benefits in 13 years...

...A lot of changes must be made to shore them up. 

According to a June survey by Social Security Works and Data for Progress, voters are well aware of the program's woes.

In fact, 64% of the survey's 1,335 respondents are "very anxious" that the program won't have enough funding in the future.

Meanwhile, 20% said they are “somewhat concerned” and 10% said they are “only a little bit concerned,”

...while the other 6% are not at all concerned.

If no changes are made before 2035, the program will only be able to pay only  80% of benefits to workers.

To shore up the program, they have many options like raising the taxes or cutting back on the benefits or both. 

The Democratic Party has proposed several bills that would increase payroll taxes to make benefits more generous. 

However, The Republicans have objected to tax increases.

This new poll sought to gauge Americans' perceptions of some of the ideas. 

A record high in consumer prices has been reached for the first time in 40 years. 

In light of this, it is not surprising that a proposal to raise Social Security benefits for all beneficiaries drew the strongest support.

Respondents strongly agreed that benefits should rise with the cost of living as well. 

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