Social Security has never been intended to replace a worker's income, yet for some retirees, it remains their sole source of income.

With the typical retirement payment at $1,657 per month in 2022...

...retirees living on Social Security may only have $20,000 each year.

Nevertheless, there are several retirees who can survive solely on their Social Security benefits.

Here are some important measures you may take to maximise the value of your Social Security check.

If you are unable to raise your income, you will need to reduce your expenses if you want your Social Security payment long lasting.

Living in an area that is not too expensive is going to be the easiest approach to accomplish this goal.

When there are not as many dollars available, it is more critical than ever to keep track of where they are spent. 

Putting together a comprehensive budget will enable you to find a home for every dollar that comes into your household.

Even within the borders of the same city, the costs of various goods might vary greatly from one another. 

A supermarket cart that costs $100 at one store may cost $150 at another store in the same city for the exact same contents.

If you want to survive on Social Security check alone you need to be flexible.

The unfortunate reality is that you might not always be able to acquire what you want or live the lifestyle you want to live.

Seniors don't rely solely on Social Security. SSI helps low-income children and adults with disabilities or blindness.

SNAP is available to SSI recipients. SNAP, formerly food stamps, helps singles and families buy healthful meals.

Most SSI recipients can also get Medicaid for medical costs.

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