The Social Security payment you begin receiving isn't quite the same for life.

Because the  Annual COLAs affect compensation year by year.

COLAs assist Social Security recipients sustain purchasing power as living expenses rise. 

Living costs climb with time.

Seniors would be harmed if Social Security payouts were the same indefinitely.  

Since some seniors draw Social Security for 30 years or more, it's only fair to raise benefits in line with inflation. 

However, Social Security typically fails to protect the elderly against inflation.

So retiring on those benefits alone is risky thing.

A serious deficiency is ahead.

Employees and retirees face high inflation. 

CPI, which gauges consumer goods prices, gained 9.1% annually. That's a much higher reading than average. 

Seniors buying power has decreased by 40% in 22 years.

Retired elders who rely heavily on Social Security may have few economic choices. 

Those still working might boost their benefits with other sources of income. 

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