Here is the current status of both House and Senate inflation relief measures, along with an extra $225 payment.

Two rival inflation relief proposals are moving through the Indiana House and Senate this week.

The two chambers take different tactics to easing inflation and gas prices for Hoosiers.

Here's what's left in the special session's last two weeks.

During a very unusual Saturday session, the Senate voted to enact SB3.

Indiana's Senate gathered Thursday to address abortion and economic assistance. It was approved with 26-20.

On its third and final reading, legislature passed their economic assistance measure 40-4.

The House bill of SB 3 more strongly matches Gov. Holcomb's approach.

The Senate proposal doesn't pay Hoosiers directly. It would suspend home sales tax for six billing cycles.

The legislation caps gas tax at 29.5 cents a gallon.

Advocates said it would be simpler for the state to implement and help Hoosiers left out of the Instant Taxpayer Refund.

House version passes easily

The House and Senate have different inflation relief bills. It doesn't cut utilities' sales tax or restrict gas prices.

House legislators authorized a $225 tax rebate. State excess funds are used.

The benefits consist of $125 for single filers and $250 for married people joint filers.

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