The state of California has released information indicating that 23 million residents might receive inflation relief checks.

A relief check of $1,050 will be issued to about half of California's residents in order to alleviate inflation burdens.

Inflation is at its highest point in four decades, according to government data.

Gavin Newsom, California's governor, said that the state's budget addresses its most pressing needs.

In addition, it prioritizes returning dollars to Californians who are suffering from global inflation and rising gas prices."

What is the economic plan for inflation checks?

It is estimated that the relief package is worth $17 billion, according to information released by the governor.

The $17 billion will be divided into $1,050 payments.

Depending on the number of dependents and income, families and individuals will receive a certain amount of relief.

Diesel state taxes will be suspended in California so the rent and bills will be subsidized for residents. 

Payments under relief programs:

The state of California will provide checks between $200 and $1,050.

The check can increase up to $1,050 depending on personal income, tax filing, and claimed dependents.

Gov. Newsome said, "That's more money for you to put food on the table and fill your gas tank."

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