IRS Recognizes Tax Fraud Warning Signs To Assist Your Tax Adviser to Prevent Data Breaches.

The Internal Revenue Service, state tax authorities, and the tax department are coordinating together as a team.

The Security Summit will urge tax experts to become familiar with the indicators of data breaches... that they can promptly protect their customers.

If tax experts detect identity fraud, they must alert the IRS immediately without any late.

In addition to calling insurer or cybersecurity professionals for assistance in assessing the reason and degree of the loss.

The IRS recommended for keeping an eye out for these warning signs:

E-filed tax returns from clients are refused since their Social Security number has previously been used on some other form.

More e-file statements are sent than filings are submitted.

Clients replied to messages not sent by the tax professional.

If you face Slow or unexpected computer or network response, such as software or activities taking longer than normal to complete...

...the computer pointer moving or changing numbers without the user touching the mouse or keyboard.

or if you are getting locked out of a computer or the network abruptly.

Additionally, tax experts must be vigilant if their customers claim getting the number of things:

IRS Authentication letters (5071C, 6331C, 4883C, 5747C) despite not filing a tax return.

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