According to a survey, many people opted for student loans with the hopes of debt forgiveness.

President Joe Biden promised on erasing up to $10,000 in federal student debt per borrower...

...during his presidential campaign.

As per the latest study, many borrowers simply took student loans based on that promise.

As per a survey conducted by Intelligent, 86 percent of those who have taken on student loan debt since Biden's election in 2020 ...

...said his campaign promise definitely influenced their decision.

What's more in this survey is, that one out of the three borrowers couldn't complete their education...

If Biden doesn't cancel their loans in student debt.

Approximately 21% of survey participants said they'd be doubtful, if not highly doubtful... incur the same level of debt if Biden had not promised student debt forgiveness.

One-third of students informed that they would not have sustained their education if debt forgiveness had not been promised.

The students are still hoping that Biden will cancel their loan in Student debt.

However, there is no present strategy in place for largescale federal student loan forgiveness in place.

As per the survey, 70% of recent borrowers are optimistic or somewhat optimistic that Biden will approve $10,000 in student loan per borrower.

Biden said he's thinking of eliminating some student loans but hasn't said when and how much.

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