Middle class Californian households might get $1,050 in inflation relief payments.

Governor Gavin Newsom approved California's spending plan in June.

which includes a $17 billion allocation for inflationary relief in the form of tax rebates. 

The goal is to help state residents to manage massive inflation.

Governor Newsom said in a news release that In the midst of new difficulties and uncertainty...

...we're delivering over $17 billion in relief to help families make ends meet.

This budget invests in our basic values at a key moment, protecting right of a woman to choose.

...widening health care facilities to all, and supporting the most susceptible while trying to shore up our future.

It is Important to fight against climate change and improve our schools.

"We'll strive to exemplify liberal and ethical governance, the California way."

Who is eligible?

By October 15, 2021, residents must have filed their 2020 taxes.

They must also fulfil CA AGI restrictions on the Middle Class Tax Refund page.

In 2020, they couldn't be claimed as a dependent.

They lived in California for 6+ months in 2020 and they must be California residents at the time of payment.

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