There are still millions of Americans waiting for their money. 

According to Inside Indiana Business, the state of Indiana has sent 1.5 million tax rebates to 2 million residents.

The state will pay out to approximately 4.3 million Hoosiers, about 85% of all adults in the state. 

There is a $125 payment for individuals and a $250 payment for married couples.

Who is eligible and when will they arrive? 

As long as your 2020 taxes are filed before January 3, 2022, you will be eligible. 

Beginning in May, the rebates will be sent via direct deposit.

You can expect the final batch of the payments will reach Hoosier taxpayers early in July, according to a spokesperson for the Indiana Department of Revenue. 

And the paper checks will be sent out in the mid-month, according to the spokesperson. 

The state is dealing with supply chain issues with paper.

They will post additional guidance online for Indianas who don't receive their checks by September 1. 

There could be more money coming for Hoosiers in the meantime. 

Governor Eric Holcomb has proposed giving each eligible Indiana resident about $350 in rebate. 

The married couples filing the taxes jointly will receive roughly $700 under the plan.

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