Thousands of Americans still have TWO weeks left to apply for direct payments of up to $750. Do you qualify?

The time is running out for Americans to receive up to $750 in payments.

Minnesota Governor Walz signed a $500 million direct payments agreement on April 30 to send out these payments.

It was estimated that eligible frontline workers would receive bonuses worth $750.

In order to qualify for the checks, employees must have worked 120 hours between March 15, 2020, and June 30, 2021. 

Who is eligible for these Payments?

The following group of workers are eligible:

1. Health care 2. Long-term care and home care 3. Emergency responders like the ambulance etc 4. Courts and correction 5. Public health, social service, and regulatory service

6. Child care  7. Schools: charter, state and higher education  8. Food service: production, processing, preparation, sale and delivery

9. The retail industry includes sales, fulfillment, distribution, and delivery 10. Hotels and temporary shelter 11. Maintenance, janitorial, and security services for building

12. Public transportation 13. Services related to ground and air transportation 14. The manufacturing industry 15. Rehabilitation for vocational purpose

It is also necessary that you have not received any unemployment benefits for more than 20 weeks.

You can apply for these rewards starting from June 8 and the application will remain open until Friday, July 22.

You can apply online if you worked during the peak of the pandemic.

It is possible that the cash reward may be a little less than $750 as the number of applications increases to over 900000. 

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