New proposals would decrease millions of Americans' electricity prices by up to 50%. Are you qualified to apply?

A lot of people in the United States are going to see a reduction in the skyrocketing costs of their energy bills.

In 2020, the average monthly cost of an energy bill was $117.36, as reported by the EIA of the United States.

The American Gas Association reported that the typical annual cost of a gas bill was $667.

So that is equal to $55 dollars a month.

However, the situation got worsened due to the shortage of supply, Russia's invasion of Ukraine, and the price hikes.

As a direct result of this, the administration of President Joe Biden has said that it will respond with six distinct actions.

President Biden is establishing new plan to help low-income households maintain a regular and inexpensive energy supply... cool their homes as excessive heat continues to affect tens of millions of Americans.

The important move will lower solar energy expenditures by 10% annually, benefiting 4.5 million homes.

The White House said it will "support HUD-assisted renters sign up to local community solar"

It's possible that the specific eligibility requirements for each area will differ.

For DC's Solar for All plan, a family of four must make less than $113,850.

The threshold is $79,500 for a household consisting of a single individual.

The White House said Washington DC's initiatives might save as much as 50% annually.

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