Pennsylvania working families can collect up to $650 in child tax credits in 2023.

Governor Tom Wolf allocated $25 million for this purpose.

The program is modeled from the inspiration of the Federal tax credit program.

Families making above $43,000 could be qualified for $180 for one kid or $360 for two or more.

Governor Wolf stated, "Cost should never be a barrier for parents seeking the education...

Which is a secure, loving, and joyful environment for kids. 

Meanwhile, IRS sent letters to those whose tax forms didn't match data.

Notices for the CP2100 and CP2100A will be released twice a year.

First message between September and October, second in April of next year.

The notifications indicate payers the return lacks a taxpayer identification number (TIN), has an incorrect name, or both.

If you get a notice, reply quickly or your reimbursements may be affected.

13 states provide parents cash

Thousands of limited-income households can receive $1,000 each across the nation.

13 states have given help after federal child tax credits from the American Rescue Act ended.

Delaware rewards child care workers $1,000 for working throughout the outbreak.

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