Inflation surely hurts American households. As a result,  many states are planning to make direct funds to help them.

The Biden cabinet began sending the last tranche of stimulus cheques to lakhs of Americans in March 2021. 

Since then, many states have issued relief on their own.

Insider reports Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis' office is providing $450 per kid to low-income households.

There are still  17 states other states which are also helping. 

These relief payment cheques are stimulus payouts delivered to Americans... "stimulate" the economy, according to Insider. 

Pennslyvania is one state which is not providing any relief payments as yet.

The Republican-led General Assembly has halted Gov. Tom Wolf's plan to give $2,000 to low-income families.

Critics have linked earlier stimulus cheques to inflation, which is 9.1%, the biggest in 4 decades.

Many Pa. Republicans say payments made will boost inflation. 

But, Wolf and other Pennsylvania Democrats want immediate aid. 

Rep. David Dellosso of Delaware and Sen. Christine Tartaglione of Philadelphia seek to pursue the "PA Opportunity Program"

Insider has more on relief payments.

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