It is more likely for celebrities to become victims of identity theft due to their lack of privacy.

In other words, even without sharing their Social Security numbers, they're already at risk   .

As a result, they will most likely to have credit problems if that happens.

Recently, Nicki Minaj learned this the hard way when a media outlet published her old booking photo from 2003 without removing her Social Security Number.  

Consequently, her credit score dropped more than 100 points due to excessive enqueries.

So, It is a huge problem if your Social Security number is made public. 

Fraudsters have already damaged Minaj's credit rating despite credit reporting agencies alerting her representatives.

It should be possible for her to correct the errors, but identity theft resolution can take months, if not longer. 

While we don't know the details of Minaj's financial life, it is unlikely that credit issues would be as problematic for a successful celebrity as they would for an average citizen.

Whether you're a celebrity or not, an exposed Social Security number is a concern for lifetime. 

The most dangerous piece of personally identifiable information is SS NUmber, and identity thieves find it irresistible.

A Social Security number will almost never be changed by the Social Security Administration, so you'll be stuck with it for life. 

So, keep an eye on your credit scores and accounts regularly to minimize the chances of undetected fraud. 

Each person is eligible to free copies of their annual statements, and you can get two of your credit scores for free every month through

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