Social Security, SSI and SSDI Payment Schedule for 2022

August 23, 2022

By Tirupati Gumpula

SSA Manages Social Security, SSI, and SSDI are viable options for retirees and the handicapped.

Social Security payments are due on 3 Wednesdays a month, based on your birthdate.

If your birthday is between the 1st and 10th, you'll get paid on the 2nd Wednesday of each month.

If your birthday is 11-20, your payment will be made on the third Wednesday of each month.

If your birthday comes between the 21st and 31st, it will be deposited every fourth Wednesday.

SSDI recipients follow the same routine.

Based on that when you attempted to claim, there are exceptions.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) recipients get theirs 1st of every month.

If it is a holiday on the 1st of a particular month SSI and SSDI payments will be scheduled for before the day.

This is the 2022 Social Security, SSDI, and SSI payment schedule.

Most seniors can collect Social Security at 62.

SSDI claimants who started after 1997 are on the same timetable.

The SSDI payment schedule for 2022 follows the same as SSI.

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