Several social media users were confused by a viral, made-up story about Nancy Pelosi diverting Social Security funds.

Regarding President Donald Trump's impeachment inquiry. that She didn’t.

Let's follow the full story...

The story is claiming that she used the Social Security funds to conduct the inquiry into the president trump.

The truth is .. 

she did nt. and it is impossible to do so. 

The hoax is the work of America's Last Line of Defense, a self-described "satirical" website whose viral headlines often mislead social media users.  

In October, Potatriots Unite published that Pelosi diverted $2.4 billion from Social Security for impeachment costs.  

In the full story, users will find numerous tags that indicate the story is fictitious.

A banner at the top of the website, for instance, reads, "Potatriots unite for satire, ridicule, and mockery."

However, it appears that many didn't get the crux.

Many users have enquired into the matter later to find that it was satirical news. Not real.

Social Security is a pay-as-you-go system, which means that current Social Security tax revenues pay the cost of current benefits.

It is possible to use surplus revenues for other government expenditures.

However, the fact is that Social Security has run cash-flow deficits every year since 2010. So, there is no question of diverting the funds to other govt. activities.

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