Are you set to miss out on up to $4,194 in Social Security benefits? Here are few reasons why you might not receive benefits.

Many retirees rely on Social Security for a portion of their income, but not everyone will be eligible.

According to the Social Security Administration, 65 million Americans received benefits last year.

The one thing you need to remember that the Social Security system is not intended to replace all your preretirement income. 

A typical elderly person only receives about 30% of their income from the program.

You can start claiming Social Security benefits at age 62. 

If you fall under one of the scenarios below, you may miss out on benefits in 2022.

Social Security benefits can still be collected if you move outside the country during retirement. 

You Moved to Overseas to a specific Country

two nations will restrict you from receiving benefits: Cuba and North Korea. 

In most cases, you'll be able to reclaim your unpaid benefits once you reenter the country even if you don't qualify. 

In order to claim Social Security benefits, you must have some sort of Work history in the country. 

You Did not work enough

Ideally, your working tenure should at least be 35 years. 

A worker who paid into another retirement system might not be eligible for benefits under Social Security.  

You worked for the federal or the railroad

Railroad workers and federal employees may be covered under the Railroad Retirement Act and the Federal Employees Retirement System, respectively.  

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