The benefits go beyond the hefty pay.

Costco was one of the first retailers to hike their minimum salary to $15 (it's now $16).

However, the pay is only one of the benefits of working at the warehousing store. 

Now let's dig deep into the actual perks of a Costco employee... 

Multiple Bonuses Per Year: Even though this benefit is only available after a few years of working, it is very valuable benefit.

As per Costco's website, long-tenured hourly workers earn Additional Checks (perks) two times a year.

Free Executive Membership: Employees at Costco receive complimentary membership cards for themselves and their immediate family.

Using these cards Costco Employees will get 2% cash back annually. Workers with 25 years experience will get lifetime membership.

Priority Access to Hot-Ticket Items: Employees get the opportunity to try out new products before they hit shelves.

Priority Access to Sale Items: "They spot clearance sales before customers do, and if they're a good value, they can grab them.

Free Turkey for Thanksgiving  day: Several Costco employees confirmed that every Thanksgiving, they get coupons for a free turkey.

However, Costco employees prefer not to take the free turkeys to home.

Exclusive shopping hours: The biggest problem with shopping at retail stores like Costco is that they have a long line at the check out, but they will avoid these.

They can shop after hours when there is no one, And it seems a lot of Costco employees use this perk.

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