No Matter your age, retirement should be a dream you plan for and strive towards. 

Sadly, many individuals aren't on track.

According to a 2021 poll by Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies...

...almost 50% of American employees said "They lack sufficient money for pension"  

in addition, 57% of workers expect to work after retirement. 80% claimed "financial problems."

If you want to retire, you must have enough money. Here are six warnings that you are not there yet.

For the best part, Debt-free retirement is ideal. But, Many can't do that.

You have a lot of debts

A house loan that offers tax benefits isn't inherently bad debt, says COUNTRY Financial's Melissa Hannum. “

The problem is when there is lot of liabilities.

Shopping may help the economy, but not your budget. If you spend more than you make, you can't retire.

Your expenses are more than your income.

You may not be ready to retire if you set your 401(k) on autopilot when you started contributing. 

Taking high risk approaching retirement can be dangerous, and your portfolio might take a significant hit.

Even in retirement, emergencies might arise. So, you need to be planned for it.

Low Emergency fund a random auto repair, appliance catastrophe, or emergency room fees may disrupt a retirement plan.

In retirement, health insurance is very important. Medicare isn't free for individuals 65 and older.

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