Next year could be a pleasant one for Social Security recipients.

For such individuals, it's all about the COLA, and we're not talking Coca-Cola.

In this case, the term COLA refers to the "cost-of-living adjustment.

Moreover, as a result of increased inflation, the predicted COLA increase for Social Security recipients next year might reach 11,4 percent.

The question is, how much more will that pay out in the end?

For the majority of Social Security beneficiaries, the benefit would likely represent an additional $170 to $200 each month.

Based on research, it will likely rely on the pace of inflation between July and September of this year.

It's an essential boost for such individuals; as the cost of products and services increases... enables them to keep affording the essentials. 

This increase seems to be on course to be the greatest cash flow increase provided to Social Security claimants.

The monthly average payout for 47.9 million retirees, according to, is $1,669.44.

According to the website, the dollar amount normally increases by $2 every month.

...which would put participants on track to receive approximately $1,683 per month by the end of the year. 

If inflation goes up to 11.4%, beneficiaries would get an extra $192 every month, or $1,875 on the mean.

Social Security "pulls 22.5 million individuals out of poverty annually.

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