According to Ron Johnson, Social Security and Medicare should be reviewed annually.

rather than remaining as federal allowance program as they are now.

Johnson recently came on "The Regular Joe Show" podcast.

Where he revealed that if you are eligible for Social Security and Medicare, you receive it no issue what.

The Wisconsin senator, whose reelection this autumn could help decide which party retains control after this year...

...claimed that financing for government programs should be converted to discretionary "so it's all examined." 

More over 70% of the U.S. federal budget is obligatory spending.

Its on Autopilot. There's no monitoring. You can't save failing programs.

“As long as these schemes are on autopilot, we rack up debt,” he said.

He suggested Congress to approve scheme funds annually.

Johnson's staff said that the senator "never discussed closing Medicare and Social Security."

Without economic discipline and monitoring, Congress has enabled ...

...Social Security and Medicare payments to be jeopardized. 

Congress should take its responsibility seriously to guarantee seniors can rely on their services, she said.

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