SSI beneficiaries will get two instalments in September.

In 2022, the cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) has raised to 5.9 percent.

That means, the typical claimant will get $621 monthly in benefits.

The maximum possible monthly income per individual is $841.

About 8 million individuals depend on the Supplemental Security Income, or SSI, scheme.

Beginning next month, the third revision to the SSI payment schedule under the new COLA will be implemented.

The most recent one was in April since the beginning of the month happened on a weekend.

SSI beneficiaries may get two checks worth $1,682 in September.

The payment schedule will change since October 1 is a Saturday.

As a result, payments of benefits will be underway on the Friday.

So, the SSI beneficiaries can expect payments on Sept. 1 and 30.

Even if the timeline only changed by one day, keep this in mind while checking monthly reports.

However, the next month's Social Security payments will be on a regular Wednesday.

Social Security payments are paid on one of 3 Wednesdays every month, based on your birthdate.

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