Fourth stimulus review update in 2022 — Thousands of Americans will receive a new cash transfer of $450; do you make the cut?

In Florida, nearly 60,000 foster and adoptive households can now anticipate another round of stimulus cheques.

The programme is titled "Hope Florida - A Pathway to Prosperity" and it provides $450 per child to qualifying families.

The Governor's office already confirmed the rewards. However, officials have not yet outlined the specific criteria for collecting them.

The fund required for the distribution of new stimulus checks will come from the Florida state budget.

Which is roughly $35.5 million and signed by the Governor Ron DeSantis in June.

Ron DeSantis asserts stimulus payments are liable for inflation. He has a new stimulus plan to fight against inflation

State stimulus ranges  from $50  to $850

In 2022, fourteen states have approved stimulus or rebate contributions.

The threshold for individual taxpayers is from $75 to $850.

Illinois being the lowest with $50 rebate payments and highest payer is the California state with $1050.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen expressed concern that Biden's $1.9 trillion pandemic relief bill could even worse inflation.

There is a discussion on going to call for a special stimulus check for retirees. 

As their purchase power has been slashed by over 40% due to inflation. 

According to the lastest reports, There is little chance of a gas tax holiday being implemented nationwide.

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