Hello folks! Today, we are going to see How many states are currently sending checks?

Despite the COVID-19 outbreak now lessen, Americans are still dealing with the fallout of supply chain issues ...

...and inflation associated with the Russian invasion on Ukraine.

During the pandemic, American citizens received stimulus checks from the federal government.

However, for the rising price of living, there will be no such support from the federal government. 

Though there has not been a fourth stimulus check, several states or cities have stepped up their efforts ...

...and are now offering tax rebates to make inflation easier to bear. 

Six local governments will send stimulus checks or tax refunds in July. 

Chicago, Illinoi






Low-Income workers who worked during the pandemic will be entitled to these payments. 

The residents must also qualify for Earned Income Tax Credits (EITCs).

...and their taxes must have been filed by the due date to receive these payments. 

These stimulus checks will be a big relief for the residents of these states amidst the inflation costs.

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