A total of five states have confirmed they are sending cash worth up to $500 each

The U.S. government has introduced surprise stimulus checks to help struggling families.

Some states have already confirmed they are set to send payments worth up to $500.

Five states have announced they have passed legislation providing tax breaks to eligible residents.

The new tax relief was approved by Idaho, according to Marca. 

As part of the tax rebate bill signed by Governor Brad Little back in February, $350million in rebates will be sanctioned.

To qualify for the payment, taxpayers must be full-time Idaho residents and file tax returns for 2020 and 2021. 

If they are full-time Idaho residents, they can file a grocery credit refund form. 


Due to a surplus in the state budget, Georgia residents who have filed their 2021 and 2022 tax returns will also be entitled to rebate payments.

Individuals could receive $250 while married couples could receive $500. Households are estimated to get $375 per head. 

Taxpayers who filed before the legislation was signed will still receive their payments.

Those who have not yet filed their taxes need to do so by April 18 so that the rebates can be added to their refunds. 

Indiana is also having a surplus. And it is confirmed that taxpayers would receive a $125 tax refund after filing their 2021 taxes.   

In New Mexico, single filers will receive $250 and married couples will receive $500 in tax rebates. 

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