IRS Refund Delayed due to Outdated Technology

August 20, 2022

By Tirupati Gumpula

National Taxpayer Advocate Erin Collins Protests as IRS decided to withhold scanning technology until the next tax season.

Collins encouraged the IRS to deploy 2D barcodes during this tax season.

The technology was developed as the IRS was struggling to process millions of paper tax returns.

During an inspection session with IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig, the lawmaker shared her worries.

She claimed that funding for scanner equipment was already allotted in the budget for years.

Deputy IRS Commissioners Douglas O'Donnell and Jeffrey Tribiano responded to Collins' request...

...saying the agency was still piloting technology but had no timeline.

Collins appealed their decision, stressing the necessity to adopt scanner technology.

Due to the size of the issue and the delay of returning papers, I've taken the rare step of offering a help.

Our taxpayers and employees need a 21st-century tax administration that employs technology to simplify tax refunds.

IRS management and personnel concur with this remark.

She said that since the COVID-19 outbreak began, tens of millions of taxpayers have encountered delays collecting their tax refunds.

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