It's been reported that inflation has affected more women's mental health than men because it's been taking a big toll on their finances.

60 percent of women, compared to 52% of men, said inflation was affecting their mental health, according to a recent survey by Stash.

In this story, we will look at how we can deal with Inflation related stress issues.

Put your money towards things that spark joy.

According to the survey conducted by stash, almost half of the participants have cut back on many things that make them happy.

You may be mindful with your spendings but cutting back your joyous things can take a big toll your mental health.

You may keep some money for fun activities every month and stick to it.

Stay away from spending anxiety by doing more free and inexpensive activities that makes you enjoy. 

Taking advantage of free events during the summer is the perfect way to spend time with friends and family. 

Debt can be a big source of stress for many people. SO, adding inflation on top of that can make you exacerbate.

Check in on Your Debt

So, consider eliminating your debt to help manage your money related stress issues.

For example, take credit counseling. However, it is important that you research and find nonprofit credit counseling agents. look for a .org website for online suggestions.

The most effective way to handle money-related stress is to meditate, exercise, yoga, breathe exercises, budget, and keep a financial journal. 

Seek assistance from outside source

If you find it difficult to manage your stress on your own, seeking professional assistance may be beneficial. 

If you are experiencing stress, you should speak with your primary care physician so they can give you appropriate advice. 

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