September 1,2022

By Tirupati Gumpula

Top 7 Best Pet Insurance companies in 2022

Having pet insurance can save up to 90% of the money you spend on your pet veterinary bills. So, we thought you would like to know the top 7 best pet insurance companies in the US. Lets look into them

It includes alternative and holistic therapies. It doesn't impose an annual or max cap for pets enrolled after some specific age.

1 Healthy Paws - Best for Alternative care

The spot is one of the best Pet insurance companies with high reimbursement and annual coverage limits. Exam fees, diet, and supplies are eligible.

2 Spot - Best for Unlimited coverage

One company with 0 deductible options. It pays vets directly you don't have to keep any money. the downside is that it only offers one reimbursement option.

3 Trupanion

Figo is one pet insurance company that provides 100% of the reimbursement. The downside, they don't cover genetic conditions enrolled after age 2.

4 Figo - Best for Reimbersment

ASPCA has no exclusion for genetic conditions enrolled after a certain age. You can enroll your pet at any age and wait for 14 days to start the coverage.

5 ASPCA Pet Health insurance

The company uses the latest technology like AI to process claims. So, the claims process can be very easy and quick. Not available in all states.

6 Lemonade

The only company that offers a diminishing deductible benefit that generally charges $50 every year. Premium prices are low and waiting period are less for the coverage.

7 Embrace Pet Insurance

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