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Walmart is cutting down apparel and electronics prices by up to 50% as inflation hits costumers' pockets.

WALMART is changing its sales strategy by dropping prices on certain essentials by more than 50%.

This is result of the big box retailer observes a change in consumer spending.

Inflation has caused consumers to think twice before they spend their hard-earned money.

Shoppers are very conservative on clothing and electronic thinfgs such as TVs.

The highest Inflation in the last 40 years made this a bad situation.

After the fellow retailer, Target has announced the reduced prices, Walmart is the next one to follow.

In June, We have seen big retailers like Walmart slashing prices to get rid of inventor.

As the people are facing higher prices in food and fuel, they are thinkning on clothing related shopping.

Walmart CEO said, after announcing the reduced prices, they are now able to clear the stock in clothing section.

This move is good news for shoppers. However, they are already providing some sweet deals on summer dresses and shoes.

The decision was taken as a result of the chnage in customer spending preferences.

As more and more people are allocating majority of their money for food and fuel expenses.

Instead of high prices during the infaltion, Walmart is doing well by announcing the discount prices. Well done.

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