If you reside in Salem, Virginia, you should definitely pay attention to this story.

It is possible that property tax refunds will be issued to Salem taxpayers within the next month.

Salem, Virginia legislators granted a 19.5% individual property tax rebate.

However, this opportunity is solely applicable to the property taxes paid on automobiles.

The year before, Salem, Virginia legislators sanctioned $1.9 million in individual property taxes.

Why Only cars?

Motley Fool said car costs rose 42% from 2019 to 2021. Salem got additional city taxes.

Salem City Council intended to help individuals by offering a one-time partial reimbursement.

How exactly will the tax refund be processed?

Automobiles are subject to property taxes in Virginia and in another 27 states.

Virginians pay $3.40 for the $100 assessed value on auto mobiles.

The numbers indicate that Salem residents paid $1,527 in property taxes.

Tax refunds of $298 will be paid to citizens of Salem.

Nevertheless, the tax credit is only available for automobiles that are assessed and taxed in 2022.

Salem citizens who cleared auto-related fees, fines, or levies by August 31 are eligible.

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