The first tax rebate checks are going out. What is the eligibility for the money?

Some states are sending money back to residents, including South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Hawaii, and Maine.

Here's what to know.

It is possible that some New Mexico residents have already received their first payments. 

You can expect to receive your inflation relief check by October. 

The number of states sending tax rebates or inflation-relief checks to residents is on the rise in response to rampant inflation and the growing threat of recession. 

In South Carolina, Gov. Henry McMaster signed legislation needed for taxpayers to receive their tax refunds by 2022.

Probably the next state to send money will be Massachusetts, where the state legislature hopes to send it by September.  

In response to the pandemic, the federal government issued three rounds of stimulus checks. 

There is little chance that it will send more. But...

There are at least 17 states that have begun or are in the process of approving rebate payments or inflation relief checks for taxpayers in 2022 and 2023.  

These are some areas where residents may be able to get tax rebates. 

Get more information on economic relief by checking out statewide child tax credits. 

Additionally, US citizens will be able to receive gas rebate checks and take advantage of gas tax holidays.  

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