In order to properly distribute benefits, the SSA developed a method based on the recipient's date of birth.

Due to the current high rate of inflation in the United States, Social Security payouts could see the largest increase in the...

...past four decades. 

It is estimated that about 65 million people receive Social Security benefits in the United States.

As a result, the Social Security Administration developed a payment schedule based on the date of birth of the beneficiary.

This helps them to reduce the administrative load of mailing out all of these checks and to set up direct deposits.

How the payment dates for Social Security benefits determined?

Payments are distributed on Wednesdays, however, which Wednesday depends on the recipient's birthday.

11th-20th birthdays receive perks on the third Wednesday of the month.

for those who born between 21st-31st Fourth Wednesday of each month.

Where as SSI participants get their benefits on the first of the month.

During weekends and holidays, payments are made at the end of the previous month.

What steps should I take if I have not received my Social Security check?

Social Security advises waiting three postal days before contacting them. You can contact them at 800-772-1213.

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