A growing proportion of Americans have lost confidence in Social Security.

71 percent of the public to Countrywide poll made in 2021 believe that Social Security will run out during their tenure.

For Generation X poll respondents, this figure soared to an astounding 83 percent.

Nearly half of the younger participants are further pessimistic...

...with 47% believing "they would not receive a single dollar of the Social Security payments they have earned." 

This research and others suggest Americans worry Social Security will disappear soon.

But, the truth is Social Security is self-sustaining and won't disappear anytime soon.

This is how Social Security works, with the news headlines that may be causing worry.

What Is the Problem With the Unpayable Social Security Fund?

Irrational suspicions about Social Security often include a kernel of reality.

At the same time, Recent Social Security Board of Trustees reports have been disturbing.

The OASDI Trust Fund will be drained in 2033, based on the 2021 Social Security Trustees Assessment.

Many people could read this and conclude Social Security will end in 2033 or sooner.

Social Security doesn't work like that.

Social Security will keep paying the majority of its planned payouts as long as there are American workers.

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