What are different types of wallets available in the market

A wallet is among the necessities for all people. It will keep your cash, debit cards, credit cards, IDs, driver’s license and many other forms of personal items safe during the day. A wallet can be a fashion statement too – something that represents your personality and style. Regardless of how you plan to use it and the design you would want, you would not think of leaving the wallet at home. But did you know that wallets have a very long history?

The first wallets (as we know them today) came into being after the development of paper currency in America in 1690 – after the Massachusetts Bay Colony introduced the currency. The wallets made before 1690 featured a round shape and they dated back to Ancient Greece when men carried packs stocked with food and survival equipment. As the use of wallets changed, manufacturers introduced coin purses, which they made from leather pouches or sacks that featured drawstrings to secure the coins.

Originally, the producers made them from hides of horses and cows to keep the paper currency safe. By the 19th century, many men were carrying the wallets fasted on their belts because they considered the pockets undignified. That was only common in some parts of the world and people in some regions of Spain saw the wallet as a case for the smokers who used wallets to carry their steel and flint, yesca and rolling papers, which they needed to make their cigarettes.

Today, wallets are not only designed for men – women use them too. People also use them exclusively to carry their credit cards, currency and identification. Seemingly, contemporary wallets have been around for centuries but the pocket-sized wallets we carry today came into being in the 1950s after the introduction of credit cards.

The available types of wallets

The market offers many types of wallets. Here are just a few of them.

  • Bifold with coin purse wallets

Bifolds are traditional pocket wallets, which got their name from their closed appearance that make all the bills or currency to fold in half. The wallets come with 3-8 credit cards slots and around 3 pockets for calling cards and identification. Some may feature a third or slide-out sleeve that allows carrying of more credit cards. On the right side of their interior, the wallets feature a coin purse that is secured with a zipper or a snap. If you are among the men who carry change, particularly if you use Euro as your currency, the wallet will be more useful. But if you live in a country where the currency is less coin- and cash-depended, a coin purse will add unnecessary bulk and weight.

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  • Bifold wallets without coin purse

The bifold wallets without a coin purse are the most popular. They are exactly like the Bifold wallets with a coin purse – only that they do not come with the coin purse. They offer three to four card slots and manufacturers build them to hold the necessary items alone. Therefore, the wallet will keep your pockets slim. In other words, they will not ruin your appearance regardless of your styles of dress.

  • Minimalist wallets

Minimalist wallets are very new and they are gaining popularity among lovers of slim-fit trousers and the people who would like to include a few items in their everyday carry. They are double-sided sleeves that allow users to carry a few credit cards, identification documents and paper currency. You will not be able to carry as many items as you want with this wallet.

  • Coat wallets

Coat wallets are designed for men who regularly wear blazers, odd jackets, and formal wear. They are long and narrow – matching the shape of cheque books. The manufacturers make them to fit in the inside breast pocket of your coat or jacket and not in your trouser pockets. Some will hold the chequebook and many credit cards.

  • Phone wallets

Phone wallets also came into being more recently. Producers design them for smartphones. That means they feature the shape of a smartphone and they open like coat wallets or bifold wallets. On the inside, you will find the slot for your smartphone and several card slots, spots for your identification and slots for the paper currency. Some will also provide a space for your pen.

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