What Are The Basics Of Replacing Windows?

Windows replacement in Edmonton is a complicated process if it’s only the first or second time you’re doing it, and having a guide always helps.

If you’re in the process of considering windows replacement in Edmonton, you’ll need to know that it’s a complicated process that not many people have to do many times throughout the lifespan of their home. The majority of homeowners typically only have to do it a maximum of two times. Window replacement is expensive, and many people try to replace their own windows or at least try to, in order to save some money.

What Is The Window Replacement Process?

There are a number of steps involved in the window replacement process, and if it’s your first time getting a window contractor to do it, you’ll want to vaguely know the steps and what to expect so that it goes as smoothly as possible.

You’ll want to confirm the time and date that the window contractor is planning on dropping by your house to install the windows. If there are any additional instructions regarding your windows, you’ll want the window contractor to be aware of them. Simply tape a note to the window so they can see it upon arrival.

If you have any pets, ensure that they are in a different location of the home during the window installation process. For contractors to do their job properly, having the least amount of distractions possible will ensure a safe and timely installation. You’ll also want to have your children out of the area so that no one gets injured.

In addition, make sure you store all of your valuables and tiny items out of the way. No one wants to get windows installed and later find out that a product that had sentimental value was damaged during the installation.

First Day Of Window Installation

It’s always nice to be around when the window contractor shows up at your door so that you can go over any instructions. If you’re able to work from home on occasion, ask your supervisor if you can do that so that you can let the crew in your home. You don’t want to have the crew come in and start barking orders at them on how to do the job. You chose them to install your windows because you couldn’t do it alone. It’s best to just trust them to get the job done. If you have specific instructions, it’s good to notify them as soon as you can.

It’s always nice to leave some bottled water handy for the crew. They appreciate it, especially during the summer months, and especially more if you don’t have the air conditioning on when they get there to do the work. You don’t have to go out of your way to provide meals. 

The crew will appreciate it if you’re close by in case they need to know where the washroom is or if they have any questions, but make sure you don’t stand around watching them as they work. Doing that can become intimidating and will make them feel a bit uncomfortable.

You’ll want to discuss the window replacement process with the crew leader and see if they have any important things to tell you regarding the window installation. It’s best for both of you to understand what’s going on every step of the way so that no hiccups will occur along the way. Simple communication can go a long way in making sure things get done right. 

If the crew consists of a number of people, there will typically be a group of installers that will carry the windows in and another crew that will be bringing the windows out, but it all depends on the contractor you’ve decided to go with.

When the crew arrives, do a quick walk-through after they start getting settled in to make sure they are using drop cloths so that your floors won’t get dirty. If you want, consider adding your own drop cloths around the house for some added protection. You can also consider setting up dust barriers for even more protection, but installing windows doesn’t really make a ton of dust, so that’s not absolutely necessary.

Once the previous windows are removed, the new windows will start to be installed. It’s helpful to let the window contractor know where to leave the old windows if you plan on keeping them for future use. Some people like to install old windows in an old shed, so you’ll want to keep them informed.

Once the crew gets going on replacing windows, you’ll want to stay out of the way as much as you can. It’s frustrating dealing with interruptions once people are dialed in during their workday. The leader of the crew shouldn’t be having to ask you too many questions, but if they do, they should know where to look.

Some homes require upwards of 15 windows to be replaced, and that should take a crew only a day to do. If you don’t want old windows to be boarded over, let the contractor know. When the window installation is complete, all of the tools should be taken out of the home, the rooms should be cleaned, and the old windows should be organized and put away.

Second Day Of Window Replacement

The majority of window installations can be finished in a single day. If your particular job was very complicated or large, it might take two days to finish. The second day usually consists of continuing where the first day left off. The chances of things dragging over into the third day are very slim.

After the windows are installed, the exterior trim will be put on so that your windows will be sealed up from the elements getting inside. 

New window installation is an exciting home renovation project that will have your home having a new set of eyes that will increase the energy efficiency and value of your home

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